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Leadership Positions

Actively seeking Publicist, Historian, and Webmaster to join the Leadership Team.

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Hey Members!

This will be a space to ask and find answers to some of the most common questions we get. If you think of any questions and can generalize them, feel free to comment with you questions. The answers will be revised as necessary to  give you the most accurate information.

  • What is the difference between a pending member and full member?
A full member is a pending member that went through the induction process and was inducted. They have all the benefits online and can be have more impact on the society because they are eligible for all the leadership positions we offer. A pending member is in the process of getting inducted. Whether they are actively working towards it is up to each pending member. They have access to the website and are eligible to some of the leadership positions. Ask us about them.
  • What are the Active Member requirements for pending and full members?
In order for a pending member to be considered active, he/she needs to be working towards induction by completing the steps outlined at Orientation.  Even if for some reason, a member cannot complete the inducted process, they will still be considered active for that semester.

In order for a full member to be considered active, he/she needs to attend chapter meetings, be part of a SNT, hold some type of leadership position within the Society of Leadership, and attend the minimum requirement of fundraising and community service events (this were discussed at our first Chapter and are outlined in the Chapter Minutes. Follow the link on under the Chapter page). For our purposes, Full Members who are active during the semester will be called Chapter Members.

  • If I am already committed to the level I can handle and cannot be an active member, will I lose my membership?
Because we are an organization focused on leadership and success, we want to encourage you to keep your other commitment(s). We also encourage you to be as active as possible. We only ask that you tell us beforehand how committed you will really be and that you are trying your best to be active.

If you will be student teaching or overly committed elsewhere, your dormant semesters will not affect your membership. Once you have paid the National Society, you are a entitled to the benefits online for life. Your full membership on campus will not be affected either. However, you will not be getting the most out of ISU's Chapter. If you want to officially declare yourself inactive, please fill out the Member Status form that is on our Chapter page.

  • Got more questions? Please post them below.
  • Need to email someone specifically? You can find their contact info on the Leadership Team page.

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