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Friday, April 20, 2012

Chapter Minutes for 4/17/2012


OUR CHAPTER SITE: (It is to your benefit to use it!)

At this chapter we watched a broadcast my Mel Robbins. I personally liked it alot. Here are a few things we all learned. Firstly, She described about our five feelings of our emergency brake. That is when you have an idea and you have about five seconds to deal with it or your brain takes over and makes you feel like not doing it. There is the feeling of being overwhelmed, which she told us to use the brain dump technique. There is the feeling of being tired......... She also explained how you never feel like doing it now, you usually want to do it later. She described to us how you just have to screw yourself over, by setting early deadlines with someone so that there is no question whether or not it will be done on time. The fourth feeling she described was the feeling of uncertainty. In today’s world there are thousands of options to pick from and it can be really hard. In the end, you need to just pick and move on. The last feeling she described was the feeling of being alone. Mel told us about the eye contact game. All you have to do is make eye contact with three random people throughout your day and give them a smile. As you witness their reaction you might notice you have changed their day, or if you keep doing it eventually you will notice it. Also in Mel’s broadcast she debunked the question of what do you want? Mel wants our answer to be specific, selfish and embarrassing. Go out and find a spokesperson to model your life around and ask your self in those times of feeling, say what would Albert Einstein do (he is just an example).

-Don’t forget we have a few events coming up
-Relay is this friday keep the donations coming!. Fundraising
-Saturday is our Bar crawl! social event
-Our Meatheads fundraiser will be on thursday May 3rd going on all day.

Anthony Tarullo
Illinois State University
Sigma Alpha Pi

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chapter Minutes for 4/4/2012

Hey Everybody,

We had another great speaker come to chapter last night! His name was Kenny Mitchell. He touched on different aspects of leadership. He mentioned how a sign of leadership is that your always learning. Another great way to learn is to teach!! Also, that leadership is important because it provides direction. He mentioned a great book called, “How to win friends and influence people” written by Dale Carnegie. Kenny also shared with us the elements of a successful team, you need four things. First, being you need a group of people. Second, this group needs a common cause. Third, the group is going to have to show commitment. Lastly, each member has to be willing to set an example. When all of these elements take place, it proves that this will be a fully functioning group ready to tackle their next challenge together. This was just some of what he talked about, you should go, then you would know a lot more.

-Dont forget about the Bar Crawl coming up on the 28th.
- April 28th from 10-12 there will be an opportunity for community service some of us are going to the Midwest food bank and helping them out! You will need a waiver to go.
- There will be a broadcast showing during the 17th’s chapter meeting. we are doing this so you can apply for the award on the chapter website.
-There will also be another opportunity to watch a broadcast, however you will have to watch it on your own and answer some questions. More details about this to come at chapter.

Anthony Tarullo
Sigma Alpha Pi

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Reminder!!!! 3/26/12

Good Evening everybody,

There are a few things you need to know.
Firstly, our yankee candle fundraiser is now over! so much fun! Since it is over we hope that everyone turned in their forms on time, if not please e-mail Lynn for more info.

Relay for Life, great program, donate and get donated! there are opportunities here to gain more than one community service credits!!! Amnda will be sending more information out on Wednesday!

Also, Our career center event is this Wednesday. Come out from 6-8pm! Student services building Rm. 185!

Get ready for another speaker event coming up next Tuesday April 3rd.

Get ready for our Bar Crawl!! coming up in April 28th at 8pm. WOOT drink lots of water to keep hydrated tho!

Among other reminders, include
--Chapter Committee Meeting- tomorrow

Nominations start Tuesday March 27th!!!!! Run for a position you know you want to.
E-mail Me- to nominate someone or yourself. =)

-"Be courageous. It's one of the only places left uncrowded." - Anita Roddick

--Save the Date April 21 and 22. If you would like to be in next
year's Eboard/SNT Facilitator team, please save this weekend for a

Anthony Tarullo
Illinois State University
Sigma Alpha Pi


Hey guys! I figured we needed to start planning ASAP for this because basically the only date to do the barcrawl would be April 28th (Saturday after Relay for Life).

Please put down any t-shirt designs and colors so we can start making those as soon as we can.

Also, are there any preferences for bars? I was thinking:
1. 6 Strings
2. Mulligans
3. Fat Jacks
4. Daddios
5. Drifters

(With really bright colors!! Or the traditional NSLS colors of black and red)