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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chapter Minutes for 4/4/2012

Hey Everybody,

We had another great speaker come to chapter last night! His name was Kenny Mitchell. He touched on different aspects of leadership. He mentioned how a sign of leadership is that your always learning. Another great way to learn is to teach!! Also, that leadership is important because it provides direction. He mentioned a great book called, “How to win friends and influence people” written by Dale Carnegie. Kenny also shared with us the elements of a successful team, you need four things. First, being you need a group of people. Second, this group needs a common cause. Third, the group is going to have to show commitment. Lastly, each member has to be willing to set an example. When all of these elements take place, it proves that this will be a fully functioning group ready to tackle their next challenge together. This was just some of what he talked about, you should go, then you would know a lot more.

-Dont forget about the Bar Crawl coming up on the 28th.
- April 28th from 10-12 there will be an opportunity for community service some of us are going to the Midwest food bank and helping them out! You will need a waiver to go.
- There will be a broadcast showing during the 17th’s chapter meeting. we are doing this so you can apply for the award on the chapter website.
-There will also be another opportunity to watch a broadcast, however you will have to watch it on your own and answer some questions. More details about this to come at chapter.

Anthony Tarullo
Sigma Alpha Pi

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