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Attention all inducted chapter members, please take the time to fill out the form below, especially if you will be inactive.

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An email was sent out to all chapter members with more information/details. Please read the message to the right for more info

Leadership Positions

Actively seeking Publicist, Historian, and Webmaster to join the Leadership Team.

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Leadership Team

Need to contact someone from Sigma Alpha Pi but not sure who? Please read through sections and email the person(s) you believe will have the answers to your questions! 

(This page is still in the works. Eventually, there will be pictures of the Executive Board Members and the SNT Facilitators along with their email address and a brief description of their area of expertise. We appreciate your patience)

-------Success Networking Teams (SNT) Questions*---------
Deanna G., SNT Coordinator
Richard A., SNT Co-Coordinator
 *You can also view our SNTs page for more info regarding your SNT before contacting Deanna or Richard.

---------------Events/Committees Questions-------------------
Rachel M., Social Chair            
Steve K., Community Service Chair
Lynn T., Fundraising Chair      

---------------------Other Questions--------------------------
-Pledges, if you are not in an SNT this semester, Keairra F., Member Outreach Chair, can answer your questions regarding your pledging process. Email her at . You can also visit our Pledging Members page for more info before contacting Keairra.

-Members, if you have questions regarding our Active Member Requirements, Chapter Meetings, unsure how to be active, or would like to apply to our Eboard Positons ( Webmaster, Publicist, or Historian) please email:

Dulce T., President                     
                                            and/ or
Beth K., Vice President               

-------------Other Executive Board Members--------------------
Anthony T., Secretary & Liaison
Rebecca M., Treasurer               

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